CREō exists and develops thanks to its team of architects and engineers, who are distinguished by their creativity, ambition, dedication, loyalty and patience when creating projects.


Founder of architectural studio CREō and leading architect

Arch.Nataliya Ucherdzhieva graduated with a degree in Architecture in 2015 at the UASG, Sofia. She has been a member of the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria since 2017 with a full Designing License. She specializes in the design of Residential Buildings and Residential Complexes. In 2019, she established an architectural bureau – CREō STUDIO, which gave her the opportunity to expand her experience in the design of Public Buildings and Interior Design. She manages to build a team of specialists and together they maintain a high level of work in the implementation of their projects.

3. Arch. Nikolay BACHIKOV

Junior architect

Acquires the degree of Master – Architect in 2022. He graduated from the University of Architecture, Construction and Geodesy in Sofia and is a member of the Chamber of Architects in Bulgaria / CAB/.
Dedicated and ambitious, Nikolay never stops pursuing an innovative approach in his work. Creativity, patience and persistence are his distinctive features that help him in teamwork and overcoming various challenges in the design process.

Svetlozar ZHELEV

Project manager

He is a graduate of the PG at BAG “Kole Ficheto” – Burgas, majoring in water engineering. He obtained his master’s degree at the University of Economics – Varna in 2014.
In his work, Svetlozar manages to perfectly balance the relationship between people and time. This gives CREō architectural studio an advantage in making and delivering its projects on time. Tolerant, ambitious and creative are the main qualities that contribute to Svetlozar’s perfect fit in CREō’s team.