Step 1: Meeting and preparing a design brief

The process of creating a project starts with the first meeting between Us and our Clients.
Our goal is to get to know you, to understand more about your ideas and goals, which we will then summarize in the so-called - Design Assignment.
We will ask you questions and answer yours until we have covered all the main points of the Assignment as much as possible.
After this meeting, we will send you an extremely detailed offer with terms, prices, a list of necessary documents and a set of all required project parts for a building permit.

Step 2: Idea phase with variants

You said yes to our offer! Thank you for your trust!
We continue with the next step, in which we prepare for you pre-project studies, analyzes and conceptual developments depending on the specifics of the project, so that we cover all points of your assignment, upgrade and comply with the current regulations.

Step 3: Presentation of our conceptual developments

We are ready to present you our conceptual and conceptual projects in a presentation.
Depending on the specifics of the object, it is possible to develop several options.
We discuss our proposals with you and decide whether to adjust the conceptual developments or proceed with the next step.

Step 4: You Said Yes! Great! We continue with the Technical Phase of the project.

After you have said "Yes" to the Conceptual Project, we proceed with the preparation of a Technical or Working Investment Project, which will serve to obtain a Building Permit.
We send architectural drawings to our fellow engineers, who then send back to us their conceptual designs. Communication between us and our Clients continues as various decisions need to be made during this phase.
We bring you every engineering development and discuss in detail.
After we have cleared all issues between Architects, Engineers and Clients, we proceed to finalize the project.
Once the project is ready and signed by the Investor or a person authorized by him, it will be submitted to the relevant municipality for a building permit.
Depending on the specifics of the object, entering the project can be done in several ways. Its coordination with the operating companies is also necessary.

Step 5: Congratulations, You have received a Building Permit!

The expected moment has come when, according to Bulgarian legislation, you will have the right to proceed with the implementation of our joint project, as you are the proud owner of a Building Permit.

Step 6: Author supervision - We are with you during construction as well!

First sod! We're all there! You can also count on us during construction.
Our Architects and Engineers will consult you if necessary and will carry out on-site visits to the site to monitor the correct execution of our projects.
At CREō studio, we value the quality attitude!